Who We Are

At Better Business Cleaning, our dream is to connect people to their dreams. For our team, that means supporting a variety of dreams from saving for retirement to earning extra cash for family vacations to stashing away money for college. For our client-partners, it means supporting their dream of a healthy and productive work space.


Jim Sutton

Jim's dream is to soar...literally. He is passionate about all things that fly, including mastering his engineering skills in building and renovating them. His dream machine is a Cessna 170B, and all of us at BBC expect Jim to eventually exchange his time leading this business with flying this beauty everywhere he desires.


Gail Sutton

Gail's dream has always been starting and building a business whose influence extends well beyond profits and directly into her surrounding communities. An advocate for women in business and a tireless leader, she inspires countless people to chase their dreams through an unmatched work ethic.